Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When Life Gets In The Way. . .

Sometimes you just have to let it.

So, after my back debacle two weeks ago, I fell off the stamping horse. I did a few cards, but nothing too exciting. (Maybe I'll post those later.)

Instead, I went camping. But, I did manage to drive an hour to get home JUST to play in the 3rd VMAA, which was super-fun. In addition to my rushed previous post, you can see my other card entries here, here, and here. I didn't win, but Tracy Clemente did--yay Tracy!

After VMAA, I jumped back in my car and drove back up to camping. We went to the Robert Ferguson Observatory and checked out the stars on huge telescopes--it was amazing!

I got back from camping on Sunday afternoon and cleaned up, just in time to go to the last day of the Sonoma County Fair on Monday. I go every year on the last day of the Fair to see the horse races. Anyway, this year I won this random contest to be an owner for a day! We got to stand in the paddock and check out the horses up close before a race, then watch the race from the owners' box, and afterward, we got our picture taken with the winner! It was a very interesting experience.

Anyway, I think that about does it for my non-stamping activities. Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of stamping soon. Thanks for sticking with me!

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