Monday, August 11, 2008

Camping-Themed Thank You Note

On my recent camping trip, I had the privilege of using some pretty cool camping gear. Two of my friends set up an entire kitchen, complete with a Coleman-run coffee maker, utensils of every kind, pots, pans, a dishwashing station, etc. etc. etc. I was so blown away (and a little underprepared) that I thought a thank you note with an REI gift card would be appropriate. Here is the result.

I've been thinking about this card layout for a while now. The red Madeira paper reminds me of the paisley on red bandannas, so it was the perfect choice, and I thought the kraft cardstock would add an earthy feel.

Despite having a strong vision, I had no idea how hard the plate would be! I went through half a dozen circle punches before I found the right size, and then ran around my house trying to find a smaller circle to trace and give the plate depth. (In this case, the circle I traced was the top of a tube of Clearasil in my medicine cabinet. Who knew it would be so necessary for crafts!)

The utensils are from the A Muse clear set, "Party Time," just cut out and glued on with my Xyron. I also stamped the envelope with the trees, just for fun.

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