Monday, June 9, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Oh, where do the days go? I swear, once summer hits, it feels like someone has hit the fast forward button. Then, whoosh! it's over.

This weekend, I had every intention of stamping with my new sets from the East Coast (they're super-cute!), but for some reason, I just couldn't get my mojo going. So, I figured I would try and get it going with a good CASE.

I'm in LOVE with the stationery set that Michelle Wooderson did on her blog a few weeks back (you can see it here). I love everything about it, the coloring, the layout, the simplicity. So, I tried to replicate it. I've been hooked on strawberries all spring, so I figured my mini strawberry would be perfect for a set like this.

I tried to do some shading on the strawberries, but I can tell that there will definitely be a learning curve to this. Can you see my shading? (You can click for a bigger view.)

After making four of them, I figured I should package them up just in case I need a quickie gift. Here they are all tied up:

And, at the last minute, I FINALLY got my mojo working enough to try and participate in the color challenge on the Amuseapalooza blog.

I think this snow angel is so cute!

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