Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

Last week, I had a very funny interaction with our mailman. After being gone on vacation (and putting our mail on hold), we couldn't find our vacation mail. Being the worrier that I am, I immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion: that our mailman had delivered it and someone had stolen it. That would have been doubly bad, as I knew our mail had both bills and more importantly, my ATCs from Kristina Lewis. After three days without our vacation mail, I left a note on my mailbox.

"Do you know where our mail is? Check one: Already delivered, At the post office, Don't know." (I know, it was very fourth grade, but I was desperate!)

Luckily, our mailman is very nice and checked the box, "at the post office." I wrote him another note, asking if he could deliver the mail, and voila! we had our mail (and my swaps!) back. To thank him for saving me the trouble of running to the post office, I gave him a $5 gift card to Starbucks. I needed a note to go with it though.

This card was made using the Stampendous "Tiny Teacup." I think it's super-cute, but it's always hard for me to figure out ways to make small images the focal point of a card. In this instance, I thought I'd use it as part of a monochromatic background as well as the focal image, and I think it turned out decent. The flag idea was the result of seeing the "Celebration Kids" set by Amuse everywhere.

I hope I can find new ways of incorporating that little stamp into more fun projects!

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