Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drink Up!

I'm back with another card! I didn't realize that making pocket cards is a little more time-consuming than a regular card. You have to come up with a good design for the outside, then coordinate the inside to match. I think it'll be about the same amount of time and work to send them (since I'm leaving the pull-out part white for the same amount of writing space), but it definitely requires more thought.

Here's my second entry:

I love how I was able to go a completely different direction with this one than the first one. This one uses stamps from the A Muse Party Time clear stamp set. I love the images in this set! (In fact, I think you'll soon be seeing a pocket card with my #1 most favorite image from that set, the knife-fork-spoon combo). Anyway, this card was made using patterned paper from Memory Box.

Although Geeta was able to get her 4-bar card to flip back down, when I tried it on a different card base, it completely cracked on me. So, I got creative and attached a separate piece of green paper to give it the look of a flip-down. I even used my deckle scissors from Fiskars to add a little jaggedy edge. 'Cause let's face it, if James Bond was to receive this card, he wouldn't take well to a girly scalloped edge. I'm sure he likes his cards deckled, not frilly.

See you soon with more cards!

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