Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Checkin' In. . .

Hello, and happy Friday! Can you believe I got my act together enough to post every day this week? Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are. I guess it's true, creativity comes in waves, and I'm riding a big one!

Today's cards are chicken-themed. Why chickens? Well, they happen to be one of my town's mascots, and so I think that seeing them all over town on signs and even on lightposts and bike racks has made me a bit bird-brained.

These two cards were made with some stamps I got from Elzybells, direct from England. I first heard about Elzybells when A Muse started carrying them a couple of years ago, but they never released this set in the US. I was so bummed I finally broke down and ordered straight from the source.

I'm really happy about how these cards turned out, and I think they'll make great additions to my stash. I'm working on sending out more cards for the everyday in addition to the celebratory ones, so people know I'm thinking of them even when time or distance are a challenge.

The one problem I had with these cards involved the clear stamps themselves. They just didn't have the same "stick" that other clear stamps do. Anyone else have this problem, or tips on how to make them work better?

Well, I'm off to enjoy my weekend. It should be in the 70s both days, and I'll be outside enjoying them. See you Monday!

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