Monday, June 1, 2009


Hello there! Can you believe it's June already?

Well, after another three days off, I'd like to say that I'll be happy to be going back to work. . .but I'm not. There is something so nice about having free time all day to do anything. I guess I'll have to keep buying lottery tickets, eh? ;)

We tried two new burger joints (Mike's at the Crossroads and Flipper's). I love love loved Mike's, Flipper's was okay. We also walked Toby every day this weekend, three miles a day.

On Sunday, we went out for sushi in San Francisco and checked out the SF Museum of Modern Art. The main exhibit was a Georgia O'Keeffe/Ansel Adams show, but my personal favorite was a smaller exhibit featuring work by Robert Frank. He made a cross-country trek in the 1950s and turned the black and white photos he took into the book "The Americans." It was completely inspiring.

Anyway, I did manage to get some stamping in on Saturday. With a relaxing weekend underway, I was reminded of the feeling you get on vacation, and that brought me to my Hawaiian shirt stamp by Karen Lockhart. This is my second Karen Lockhart stamp and the first big one (the other one I own is three cupcakes and doesn't take much coloring). Oh, I loved coloring this one though! Check it out:

There's surfboards, palm trees, coconuts and flowers to color. Love it! The patterned paper across the bottom is by Memory Box, and the sentiment is by A Muse. I think they go pretty well together. So well in fact, that I made a second card.

I thought I'd mix it up with a completely different color scheme, and I like it! This stamp has so many coloring opportunities.

All right, time to get settled into "the grind." Have a great day!

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