Monday, July 14, 2008

Where I've Been. . .

So, over the Fourth of July weekend, I went camping with my husband's family. Every year, we go over the same weekend to the same place: Casini Family Ranch in Duncans Mills, on the shores of the Russian River.

It's great. We do NOTHING all day every day, which initially is always hard for me, but by the end I'm always wishing for more time there. This year, we went to the beach, flew kites, sat by the river, and read. In three days, I got through all of the last Harry Potter book. I was happy to have finished it (it's been on my to-do list since I got it last year!), but sad that the series is over. It was so stinkin' good!

While I was camping, I also managed to pick up a cold. It tortured me from the day we arrived until I was home and back at work, and I'm still fighting the damn thing. So, I've been pretty much mojo-less the last week. But, I think I'm coming around.

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