Thursday, July 17, 2008

Save the Date!

Oooh, how exciting! I found out this morning that they're doing another VMAA on August 2nd (VMAA stands for Virtual Meeting of Amuse Addicts).

Here's how it works: We all go online to the A Muse Addicts webpage, and every 30 minutes, they issue challenges. Last time, the challenges were things such as cards with glitter, sketch challenges, and themed challenges. Your goal is to make a card in less than 30 minutes that includes those things.

I participated in one in April, and you can see the cards I made here.

The next one is Saturday, August 2nd. I'm supposed to be camping that
weekend, but I think I might just have to come back early to play (it's 6-8pm Pacific Time).

Will I see you there?

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