Monday, August 24, 2009

Turtle Time!

Hi there! How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty laid-back. I had been planning to go camping with a group of friends, but at the last minute it was discovered that we had no reservations and the campground was booked. So, I got a bonus weekend at home to catch up and get things done with. I ran errands on Saturday, went for a walk with a good friend, and then spent part of Sunday playing in a park with another friend's 2 year old. Fun in the sun!

It's getting to be birthday season around here, so I thought I'd get started early (SHOCKER!) and get these cards done.

This one is for my friend Kat. She loves turtles (who doesn't?!), so I had to come up with a layout incorporating my tiny turtle from Denami Designs. Here's my first attempt.

I like this card, but I think I can do better. Perhaps I'll find time later this week to try it again with these cuties. See you soon!

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