Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halloween Tag. . .

Oh, Wednesday. You started off so promising (I actually got out of bed ON TIME!), and then you just came up short. Everything was cloudy and gray, and then I was faced with a vehicle crisis which culminated in me in tears on the phone to my husband. Yay for husbands. Boo for big car repair bills and tough decisions. And onto today’s card.

Today’s card isn’t a card, but in fact a tag. I’ve been making so many Halloween cards lately that I had a lot of strips of patterned paper lying around my workspace, so I figured I’d try and use them. I just stacked them on top of one another, added a scalloped edge, and voila! a tag was born.

Here’s hoping for a better Thursday. Actually, I KNOW it’ll be a better Thursday because it’s someone’s birthday. See you tomorrow to find out who!

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