Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Ahead

For once, I'm trying to get ahead. I thought some cute tag-like cards might be useful around the holidays, so I'm making a few of simple designs just to get some done and in my stash.

I recently got to borrow the new Hero Arts Jolly Christmas set. Man, for a set I didn't think I needed, it sure is cute! Those little scarves just crack me up! I'm already scheming up ways to give them more realistic fuzz, but more on that later.

Here's my first one:

This frog just cracks me up. He's just hangin' out, happy as, well, a frog! I added a little color to his cheeks using my Copic Blush marker. Since he's wearing a scarf, I'm sure his face is cold! I know this card is simple, but when it comes to mass production, simple is key.

This next one is a tiny bit more elaborate, but in a monochromatic color scheme, which I love. I stamped Mr. Penguin first, then his sentiment and thought bubble. I masked the thought bubble and penguin, then I drew in the snowy ground and added the snowflakes. Easy! Have you started your Christmas cards yet? It's never too early!

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