Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy day after Easter! Did you all have good ones? Ours was pretty mellow. DH and I went on a long drive out into the country to go to church with the priest that married us, and then made a quick appearance at a friend's Easter celebration before coming home and relaxing. Easter dinner was at my mom's, complete with lamb and a beautiful carrot cake. Yum!

The Easter Bunny did hop by my office last week and left little souvenirs of his jaunt.

I first saw these on Heather's blog, and then I had to go get them at A Little Hut. They're super-cute and easy to make, except that the cutting can become a bit tedious. Good thing I only have 5 close co-workers!

I'm always a little sad the day after Easter. It feels like the last big celebrate-able holiday until the 4th of July, which really isn't a card kind of holiday at all. Anybody know any quirky holidays worth celebrating?

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