Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unwanted Guests. . .

First off, my apologies for being away from the 'ole blog for so long. I had some unwelcome guests in my craft room. . .ants! They found their way through an open electrical outlet, and straight onto my desk. Ewwwww! Needless to say, as soon as I found them I had to spend some time getting rid of them. I hate ants.

Anyway, as promised last post, here in my boy birthday card. It feels like I've been depleting the birthday card section of my stash lately, so I'm on a birthday card catch-up kick.

I used up the leftover scraps from the baby card to put this one together. I forget how far one piece of paper can go if cut correctly!

Tip: When you're using patterned paper, remember that you can hide seams easily behind your focal image. For this card, I only had a small square of paper left, but once I cut it in half horizontally, I had enough to "fake" a long strip! Fabulous! I think this'll make a great in-case-of-emergency boy card.

Okay, I'm back to checking on the ant situation. Wish me luck!

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