Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Holidays Are Here

Well, not here as in my house, but here in general. (Our decorations have yet to go up--oops!). Anyway, I've been in a holiday mood. I've pulled out my Christmas albums, uploaded them to iTunes, and I'm even playing them in my car. Bring on the holidays!
This year, I'm actually not that worried. I've got a few crucial gifts already out of the way, but the elusive significant other gift is still stumping me. Why are guys so darn hard to shop for!
Anyway, I've already done my first holiday tradition. My LSS does a tag swap every year, and I've been doing it for about three years now. You make 25 tags and get 25 different ones back. It's fun and it's easy. Well, the envelope went to the Post Office tonight, so that can be crossed off the holiday list. You wanna see them?

The reindeer was a freebie I got from Amuse at their anniversary party. For some reason, I'm smitten with him! Anyway, he's accented with Stickles, and the To: From: is from a set by Hero Arts. Very simple, but I think it's cute nonetheless. Now, I'm off to finish my two ATCs for Tracy's swap. Wish me luck!

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