Monday, November 19, 2007

Bad Blogger!

Okay, so I really stink at blogging. How about I make it up to you with one amazing post? (You gotta start somewhere, right?) So, between October 12th and now, I bet you're wondering what I was doing. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Right after I disappeared, Phil and I hosted a kickass pumpkin carving party, complete with decorations (see above). We also did deviled egg eyeballs, complete with olive pupils:

Although they looked completely gross, they were actually delicious!

We then went down to our local pumpkin patch and got very lost in their corn maze. Man, I never knew how hard those things were to get out of!

Anyway, after the maze we picked out pumpkins. Here's Phil lugging around his ginormous pumpkin. It was so hard to pick just one!

Then we came back to the house and carved 'em up!

After the pumpkin carving party, I got to work on Halloween treats for my friends. I wrapped some candy bars (a la Martha Stewart), which turned out like this:

And of course, I had to make some broomsticks. (The tag sticking out says, "Have a FRIGHTFULLY Happy Halloween!") These ones were made with paper bags and weighed down with candy corn. Yum!

To finish out October, I got down to some card-making. I had a couple of birthdays, which I approached in two different ways:

This one was for my friend Teri, who's fun and bright. And the next one was for my friend Pete, whose family celebrates every occasion with fondue:

We for our part had to celebrate Pete's birthday in our own way, so we made the trek into San Francisco to go to dinner at the House of Prime Rib. Let me tell you, that prime rib was AMAZING. The dessert was pretty good too though:

Lately, I've been making birthday cards, with more to come. Here are a couple I did quickly over the weekend:

Lastly, I did one more crazy thing while on hiatus from the blog.

And the after picture is coming soon! Can you guess what I did?

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