Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day!

Well, the magical day is finally here! I know I had promised to show you pictures of my extra-special Valentines before the big day, but in classic form, I was up so late making them that I forgot to photograph them before I sealed the envelopes. So, I had to wait until one of my friends got hers and could bring it back to me to photograph! (Thank goodness I have understanding friends!)

Anyway, here's how my very limited-edition Valentines turned out:

I suppose there are two stories behind this Valentine. The first (and most obvious one to me) is that you have to know that this is a specifically Twilight-themed card. Twilight is a four book teen series (and now a movie), and the people in the picture are two characters from the movie, Edward and Bella. Every girl I've talked to that's read it, myself included, is in love with Edward. (It's the way he's written etc. etc.) Which is why this card is hopefully funny, when each of my friends realizes Edward's in love with her.

The second story has to do with how this idea came about. Right after Christmas, I was in Long's with a friend. As we were checking out, she observed with annoyance that the Valentine's Day displays were already up. I wondered aloud if there were going to be Twilight valentines, since it was such a small movie and I was sure that they didn't have a licensing deal or anything. The look of hope and excitement I got from the girl cashier was priceless. At that moment, I realized that I was going to have to make some valentines for my Twilight-y friends, and voila! There you go.

For the record, there is a note on the back that reads, "Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with sparkle!"

Despite my dorky Twilight valentines, I couldn't let the day go by without making a card for my actual valentine. Phil got a custom card that related to his gift:

He's more of a gangster movie kind of guy than a Twilight guy, so I got him a season of the Sopranos and uploaded it onto his iPod.

And so another successful Valentine's Day passes. Onto my birthday!

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