Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Candy Treats

Remember on Wednesday I mentioned that I had made candy treats for Thanksgiving? Well, here they are:

I made a bunch of them for my co-workers and left them on their desks at the office. They were really simple, with solid cardstock bases and a few images from A Muse. I love the Pilgrim Boy and Girl, they're just so cute!

A single one up close:

And from the side:

I modified them a little from Jennifer's original idea, mostly because of the need to economize on paper. Instead of being 4x12, I made mine narrower at 3x12, and they work just fine with all of the folding and the same bags.

I'm already plotting ways to use the same style for Valentine's Day. . .


jenstamps said...

GET OUT!!! I *love* these!!!

sticker said...
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